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In this post i'm going to teach you how to create a fake virus that ejects CD/DVD drives continuously. Its very funny and i am sure this will make your friend panic.

To create one, follow given simple steps:

Step 1: Open Notepad and copy the below given code in it

Step 2: Save it as eject.vbs in any location

► You can use any name but it should have .vbs extension.

► Make sure that the "All Files" option is selected in the "Save as type" is drop-down list.

Step 3: Open your saved file.

→ It will continuously eject all your connected Optical drives!!!

→ If you put them back in, it will pop them out again.

To stop this program,

→ End the wscript.exe process in the Task Manager.


→ Restart your computer.

Send this file to your friends as an email attachment and have fun !!!


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