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Graphical Interchange Format GIF

Graphics Interchange Format, in short GIF is most popular animation format. It is widely used in websites, Ads, etc. I am here with some of the information regarding the GIF.

As you can see the above picture. It is a GIF image. I designed it using Photoshop and another software called Photoscape.
By Photoscape you can many things. But the feature i liked in it is GIF maker. Its very simple to make GIF pictures with this. Add some pictures to GIF maker. adjust time, slide effects and click save. Thats all. Its a Freeware Software. Get Photoscape In below link..

You can also use below websites as Online GIF maker tools

Photoscape GIF maker

You can also Convert Videos to GIF. For example..
transformers Prime

To do this you can use websites such as and

You can also download a Video to GIF converter tool for windows..

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