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Making A Sticky Widget

Some of you may observed that in some websites like Facebook(even in mine) there will be navigation bar that come along you when you scroll down. Sometimes its necessary to have the navigation bar sticky to attract visitors towards your blog category, older posts, social connect etc.

It is the J Query code that is making this possible. Even you can make this in your blog. To do this you should have Widget ID of the widget that you are going to make sticky. 

To make installation more simple I have made a video by which you can know how to find Widget ID and also to install J Query code. Allow annotations in the video for explanations.

This Video Was made using Snagit 11. For more details click me.. 

You can also follow these steps To install
Goto Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Add A Widget > Select Html/JavaScript, Paste the below code there.

After Pasting, Replace YOUR_WIDGET_ID with the desired widget id. To find the widget id watch the video above.
Widget ID will be in the form HTML2 hence the code will be like 
♦ You can change the background of sticky bar by modifying CSS code inside <style>---</style> tags. Try this if are very sure of CSS codings. 
♦ You can add shadow to the bar, you can change the bar opacity etc by modifying the same.
Code Credits: BloggerSentral

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  1. thank u man
    but can u help me ..?!!
    the wedge sticky in the right side and I want it in the left side
    I have a blog with a left sidebar so what I have to change to do that

    and thank you for all

  2. Thank you for the niche widget. Working great.

  3. Great. Now I'm using this in my blog: Nanogalaxy


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